Dolphins Use Double Sonar, According to New Research

by Owen James Burke

Researchers from Sweden and the US have concluded that dolphins can simultaneously send out two sonar beams, each at different frequencies that can also be sent in different directions.

The function of using dual frequencies is probably in order to locate objects more precisely, scientists say; but it’s quite a remarkable find as researchers have been studying dolphins and echolocation, or the ability to locate objects with sound, since the 1960s.

Beyond that of bats, for example, dolphin echolocation is extremely sophisticated and has millions of years of evolution behind it.  Humans still have a lot to learn from the incredible mammals–both in protecting them from noise disturbance (which can cause them to beach) and in our own technological advances says Josefin Starkhammar, a doctor in Electrical Measurements at Lund University and a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics.

*via sciencedaily, yellowmagpie*


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