Deep Sea Diver at Winchester Cathedral

by monkeyfist

William Walker MVO (1869–1918) was an English diver famous for shoring up the southern and eastern sides of Winchester Cathedral

A century ago, Winchester Cathedral was saved by the heroic work of William Walker, a diver who worked tirelessly to shore up the historic foundations and preserve one of England’s greatest buildings.

By Stephen Stafford, BBC Local History

The story goes back to 1905 when experts discovered that parts of Winchester Cathedral were under serious threat of collapse. The Cathedral’s archeologist Dr John Crook explained why the the building was in such peril:

“There were large cracks in the masonry.  One of the pillars in the crypt in the eastern end of the Cathedral was forcing itself through the earth beneath so the vaulting was collapsing there.

“The west front of the Cathedral was in a terrible state with bits of masonry falling off.  Its conceivable that if nothing was done, the South wall could have toppled over.”

Enter William Walker…

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