Archinoma’s Beach Pods Go Anywhere There’s Sand

by Owen James Burke

The perfect beach bum palace, Archinoma‘s Y-Bio transformable architectural system is able to stand up against the weather for months.  There is no footing foundation required, so you can build one anywhere there is sand.  Some are even being turned into low-impact cafes and spas.

The whole system is based on a metal frame, which has multiple connection points on it that allow for the assembly of triangular pods to make up floors, windows and walls.  A stretched skin fits around the shelter and 3 chains are fixed atop to set it off of the ground.

Just be sure you’re up to the construction, which, for a two-story structure, can take up to a month; however if proper care is taken, you could end up with something along the lines of what’s pictured above.  Not too bad.

*archinoma via inhabitat*

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