A Guide to Summertime Beachwear, For Men

by Owen James Burke

Touchy subject, I know, but the days of long shorts (or short pants) below the knees must end. Can you really surf like that anyway? Here’s a tasteful guide to keeping cool and dry on the beach in the sweltering humidity of summer.

On Staying Crisp

The first one is easy. The key to staying sleek is some nice undershirts. Lots of them.






On Swimming

The swimsuit is a delicate subject. Everyone has their own preferred length and cut. In America, at least, I’ll speak for the ladies: keep it slim, flat-fronted, and just a bit shorter than regular shorts (which should be just above the knee, by the way). A vintage or cheeky pattern never hurt. You know girls like flowers don’t you?

Throw in a light blazer and a pair of moccasins if you’d like to spiff yourself up before heading out for the evening, and you’re dressed to go all summer long.

Gentlemen, thank Elizabeth Valleau at Esquire for sharing her thoughtful words of wisdom!

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