The Remove Of Her Embraces

by brian lam

I have been on the road for the day job a lot lately. I’ve been home maybe 10 days in six weeks, and in most cases–aside from a week sailing in the caribbean with my pops–I’ve been in big cities and the desert. I didn’t realize how I’d missed being in the ocean and my California life until I saw this video, though. I watched it first and remembered the cloudy, salty water and the sky playing off each other. The cold water and beatings of the waves that kept my sinew and body resolved and strong. I felt the absence of my friends and lady, too. In new york I bond over the indulgences of food and drink and the lure of the indulgences; but in my life at home we live like sea otters. I remember all the great waves my friends have ridden, maybe better than they do.

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