Scientists Identify “Gene of the Sea” in Humans

by Owen James Burke

A group of Mystic University researchers led by C.M. Ishmael have distinguished a gene associated with seafaringness, separate from wanderlust or love of adventure.  This is not the first time that a scientist has suggested the possibility of the gene, however.  In 1919, Charles Davenport called the gene “thalassophilia,” and wrote:

“Seamen know very well that their cravings for the sea are racial…’It is in the blood,’ they say.”

Even beyond blood, it is a sex-linked recessive gene.  Studies conducted tests for concentrations of the identified variant in 260 subjects from traditional whaling towns of Mystic, CT, Cold Spring Harbor, New York and Bedford, MA.  When compared with the results of tests conducted on neighboring landlocked subjects, they found the concentration of the apparent gene to be more than 20 times higher in the whaling towns.

Geneticists suggest that thalassophilia belongs in the category of complex behavioral traits linked with genetics such as promiscuity, aggressive behavior, religiosity, and bipolar disorder.  At last, with science on our side, we have the excuse that our frequently abandoned wives and loved ones will have to accept.


*via genotopia*

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