Children Play at Water’s Edge, Great Whites Hunt in Shorebreak

by Owen James Burke

That’s no dolphin in the crest of the approaching swell, but a great white shark patrolling for salmon and other fish in the breakers, just feet from these small tykes who were playing in the sand just inches from the shallows at Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest, Australia.  There were two sharks, actually, and one nearly found itself washed ashore after getting stuck in the face of a wave.

Following the patterns of the fish migrations, it is typical for juvenile great white sharks to hunt closer to shore during this season, but not this close.  Resident Peter Sherman reported, “I’ve been swimming here for 30-odd years and I have never had a shark swimming around my knees like this.”

Mr. Sherman may be alarmed, but these children have a fool-proof tactic to enjoy the beach while still keeping the sharks at a distance: building sandcastles.

*via dailytelegraph*

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