World’s Largest Shark Jaws Go Up For Auction

by Owen James Burke

With 182 teeth, at 11 feet wide and over 8 feet tall, the world’s largest set of shark jaws is going up for auction.  The jaws, which once belonged to a megaladon, will be placed up for bid in Dallas, Texas in June at the Heritage Auction Galleries.  The asking price is set at $625,000, but would anywhere shy of The Museum of Natural History have sufficient room to accommodate these pearly gates?

The late Vito Bertucci collected and assembled this piece, and it was said that he spent 16 years gathering the right shaped teeth, most of which from the rivers of South Carolina and surrounding Mid-Atlantic states.  For almost 20 million years, the megaladon roamed all the oceans as the largest predatory shark on the planet, could exceed 100 feet in length and had teeth 7 inches across.  It is believed that this shark would ambush its prey (large marine animals, whales, other sharks) from the depths to stun the victim before taking its fins or flippers off to disable it, ensuring a meal.

*via sharkdivers*

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