The Crew

by brian lam

I’m not much for introducing crew because crew’s always coming and going like the tide. But I think we’ve got a pretty solid bunch here.

Monkey Fist is the only one here with any damn taste in how things look. She posts the things that make you go oooohhhhhhhh and wish you were in the sea instead helming a landlubberly computer. She lives in Portland, Maine, and is the daughter of a Navy Chief and artist. So, maybe she was born to run on The Scuttlefish. That is, when she’s not running her own Adventures of the Blackgang.


Mark Lukach is the happiest surfer I have ever met. He’s also a history teacher when he’s not a writer. Sometimes he’s a history teacher when he’s writing, too. He lives a few blocks away from the beach in San Francisco, which happens to be a few blocks away from where I live. He reports for a little rag we love called Ocean Beach Bulletin, and he owns @OceanBeach on twitter. Mark’s also responsible for introducing me to body surfing, which he teaches with great comfort to me because he grew up life guarding on the eastern seaboard. Mark loves ice cream but will eat just about anything you don’t nail down or hide from him.

Owen Burke is our daily writer. Raised just outside of New York City, Owen spent summers sailing with his father, fishing, and surfing on the eastern seaboard of the United States.  He’s worked on fishing boats, crewed on racing yachts and surfed the slop of southeast windswells on the Atlantic. He received a great gift of a small boat from his father at the age of 12, which he named Blues Dory and which he unceasingly found trouble in while helming.


And I’m Brian! I’m an editor at a little website that writes about technology but I love the ocean.

Have tall ocean stories that will astound your friends and those you hope to fornicate with? Have knowledge secret to those unfamiliar with the company of Neptune? Know of wonderful ocean nooks and beaches and caves and cliffs that you can point to on a map? Just want to mouth off? Can you swab the decks? Join our crew! We’re looking for biologists, watermen and women, and photographers and videographers of all kinds, in all parts of the world. We pay in oranges and surf mats. Scurvy-less fun can be yours!
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