Video of a Giant Wave Sweeping Tourists Away

by Owen James Burke

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Once again, the ocean rears its ugly head.  Sharks Cove is a lava-rock beach located on the North Shore of Oahu.  It has long been recognized as a dangerous body of water by Hawaiian locals and is the site of a number of drownings and disappearances.  The tourists in this clip are lucky that they got out as they did.

The name “Sharks Cove” is not actually in reference to any specific incident or habitation of sharks (although a few white-tipped reef sharks may reside there), but is said to have come from the outline of a reef outside of the cove that gives the impression of a shark’s figure from the surface.  It is a favorite beach for snorkelers and divers as the lava substrate forms a series of tunnels and caves.  During the summer the area is fairly accessible, but when big winter swells come the waves and currents can become very dangerous.

With no lifeguards on duty at Sharks Cove, it’s always good to maintain extra caution, and a pair of reef moccasins is well-advised.  The reef in the area is extremely jagged, and as demonstrated by the poor man who was lifted off in the ambulance at the end of this clip, it can make a great mess of ones epidermal layer.  A stark reminder that one should never turn their back on the ocean.

*via gawker and to-hawaii*

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