North Korea’s Kim Jong Il Loves to Bodyboard

by brian lam

I just found out that Kim Jong Il loves to bodyboard. As reported on in 2002 in Time, by the Dear Leader’s ex-bodyguard, Lee Young Kuk:

When bodyguard Lee Young Kuk first saw his boss bodyboarding in a private indoor swimming pool, he knew not to show his reaction. But it was a scene he could hardly forget: Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s leader, in a bathing cap, splashing around in a seven-story pleasure palace equipped with a bar, a karaoke machine, a mini movie theater — everything a Dear Leader could want. The ground floor had an enormous swimming pool with a wave machine. Kim liked to get on a bodyboard fitted with a small motor and tool around in the artificial waves. A pretty nurse and female doctor always accompanied him in the pool, swimming under their own power.

I’ve always assumed that if more dictators learned how to enjoy waves, there would be more peace in the world. I guess you don’t learn the same values of respect for the greater order of things, patience, and stoke if you can dial up waves by machine and motor.

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