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Month: January, 2011

Mermaid Monday

just breathe by MerBellas via allmermaids

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Tea Time with Esther Horchner

Lovely Tea by Esther Horchner

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Renault V, Le Mermaid

The Renault 5 (also called the R5) was a supermini produced by the French automaker Renault in two generations between 1972 and 1996. It was sold in many markets, usually as the Renault 5 and in North America as Le Car, from 1976 to 1986. Nearly 5.5 million Renault 5s were built. (wiki)

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1960 … brooding Plymouth posted by James Vaughan

Wish You Were Here: The End of the World (Or, Bamboo Island, Ko Phi Phi)

Ko Phi Phi is legendary for its beauty. The islands surrounding it include Maya Bay, where Leo filmed “The Beach,” as well as Mosquito Island, Monkey Island, and Bamboo Island.

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Capricorn Coast 1961

Capricorn Coast 1961 found photo posted by highplains68 – Large (1024 x 692)

One of Queensland’s Capricorn Coast beaches near Yeppoon in 1961

23°15′22.51″S 150°49′44.60″E

The Message Bottle Project

In Holling C. Holling’s award-winning children’s book Paddle To The Sea, an Indian boy wishes he could make the journey from the Great Lakes out to the Atlantic Ocean. Unable to go himself, he instead carves a figurine into a 12-inch wooden canoe, and sends it on its way. The book follows the canoe’s enchanting voyage to the sea.

Jay Little read the story when he was a boy, and it captured his imagination long into adulthood. When he walked his local beaches in Marin County in Northern California, he noticed how much more trash seemed to wash ashore with each year. He had always considered getting into sculpture, and an idea was born: The Message Bottle Project.

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Art by Sarcoptiform

I don’t know anything about this artist. There isn’t much in the way of information on either their Flickr page nor their tumbler site.  I do know, however, that if Robert Crumb had done botanical illustration, it’d look a lot like this.  Organic, textural, creepy, and utterly believable.  Like a drippy, misshapen candle that’s been sitting out all day at a yard sale, you know what it’s made of and why it looks so wonky, yet you still want to pick it up and roll it over in your hand and read it’s alien surface.

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“The Bodysurfing Song”

YouTube Preview Image

JR Brobeck reinventing the surf guitar with a lap steel guitar, some country blues twang and a uniquely warm sound.  It may not be pipeline music, but it certainly makes you want to hit the water. Look out Dick Dale!

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