All I Want For Christmas is an Aircraft Carrier

by Mark Lukach

The HMS Invincible, image courtesy of

Thanks to the British government, your most fantastic holiday dreams can come true. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Defense posted the HMS Invincible, an aircraft carrier that has seen action in the Falklands, Balkan, and Iraqi Wars, on, which is basically an eBay for old military stuff.

According to the British paper The Daily Mail, it’ll probably cost around 5,000,000 British pounds to purchase the boat. There is no listing price posted, but there are buttons at the edisposals post allowing you to “add to wishlist” or “add to cart,” which is awesome.

It’s worth reading the fine print: the engines have been removed and the generators and pumps don’t work. Sure, an aircraft carrier would look sweet in your backyard and would definitely impress your neighbors, but if you actually want to operate the sucker, you’re going to have to provide your own engine.

The HMS Invincible could be scrapped for its parts, refurbished by a country needing an aircraft carrier, or else curated for a museum. In an online forum about the sale of the aircraft carrier, there are frequent references to the fact that Argentina might buy the boat, which would be absurdly ironic because the HMS Invincible was used against Argentina in the Falklands War.

Bidding closes on January 5, so hurry up and transfer some money in order to buy this year’s must-have Christmas gift!

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