The Nightmares of Martha Iserman

by monkeyfist

symbiotic ocean leeches

“My work is about preserving and promoting an innate sense of fear and awe with the natural world. Although it is the origin of life on Earth and despite our ever advancing technology, the ocean continues to be the most unfamiliar and alien of the world’s terrains. Studies are beginning to show that changes in water temperature have caused major shifts in ocean currents across the globe. This has caused species that live in the colder depths to appear closer to shore. There are multitudes of new creatures being discovered because of this, some of which are incredibly foreign and disturbing.

“I refer to my latest series as “aquatic oddities.” Although based in reality, there are elements in all my creatures that are fictional. I use a variety of resources including biology books, marine photo archives, and old maritime texts describing sea monsters and other unnatural oceanic animals. Many of these pieces depict an individual creature and I consider them portraits in the tradition of biological illustration.”

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