Teens adrift for 50 days surived like those from earlier times

by brian lam

Three teens from Tokelau Islands belonging under New Zealand, arose gaunt from a 12 foot fishing boat, far from normal chipping channels and 800 miles from where they started over 50 days ago.

Reading their account–how they survived off scraps of food and the fish and the bird they caught–sounds incredibly similar to the stories of the men who lived adrift in the WW2 excerpt from the historical non fiction Unbroken, who lived 46 days at sea. Of course they also had Japanese fighter planes strafing their boats. Both stories fall short–in duration at least–of the record length survival at sea story in HMS Friday which was by a lone Chinese man, also during WW2, Poon Lim.

It was believed the boys’ fishingboat’s motor had broken down. They were found just in time, as it hadn’t rained in several days and they were starting to drink sea water.


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