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Month: November, 2010

The Nightmares of Martha Iserman

symbiotic ocean leeches

“My work is about preserving and promoting an innate sense of fear and awe with the natural world. Although it is the origin of life on Earth and despite our ever advancing technology, the ocean continues to be the most unfamiliar and alien of the world’s terrains. Studies are beginning to show that changes in water temperature have caused major shifts in ocean currents across the globe. This has caused species that live in the colder depths to appear closer to shore. There are multitudes of new creatures being discovered because of this, some of which are incredibly foreign and disturbing.

“I refer to my latest series as “aquatic oddities.” Although based in reality, there are elements in all my creatures that are fictional. I use a variety of resources including biology books, marine photo archives, and old maritime texts describing sea monsters and other unnatural oceanic animals. Many of these pieces depict an individual creature and I consider them portraits in the tradition of biological illustration.”

The Website of Martha Iserman

A day in the world’s largest aquarium

This is a video taken during a day at the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta. It happens to be the world’s largest, with 8.5 million gallons of water, housing 100,000 animals. The place is so big, it even has 4 young whale sharks. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, inspired by the Monterey Aquarium, where he celebrated his 60th anniversary, funded it. If I ever make my way to Georgia, I will go.

*vimeo via bb*

Weird International Shark Comics

plongée tragique; click thru to see full size on flickr

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NICK comics - click thru to see full size on Flickr

click thru to see full size on Flickr

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The Trieste bathyscape and grandpa’s Rolex

My last grandfather passed away this summer and my uncle, upon receipt of my request for a keepsake, took it upon himself to pass me one of his nice watches, which he received himself upon being sent to the water nation of Australia to attend boarding school.

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Wish You Were Here: Unknown Island, Maldives


via themurkydepths

Watch Stoked and Broke, my favorite new surf movie, online now

Cyrus Sutton’s Stoked and Broke blew me away when I saw it. It’s about the joy that riding waves and being in the water can bring you, even if you don’t have a lot of money. This is the secret of surfers that your corporate cubicle slave or wall street power broker doesn’t know–a reminder that the best things in life can be free.

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Teens adrift for 50 days surived like those from earlier times

Three teens from Tokelau Islands belonging under New Zealand, arose gaunt from a 12 foot fishing boat, far from normal chipping channels and 800 miles from where they started over 50 days ago.

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The Miracle Fruit

At Thanksgiving dinner with friends, I discovered that Vai, from Tahiti, has a fruit in her backyard that can turn anything you eat after it into the most delicious treat. This is not a joke.

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