Introducing the Definite Guide to Oceanic Fun in San Francisco

by brian lam

The Scuttlefish isn’t just about my hometown, but San Francisco deserves some special love, anyhow. Not because of its maritime past, but because of the strange situation it finds itself in: It has a beach that has reversed its development, losing a pier, bathhouse and amusement park in order to retain its natural beauty. And a reputation for fog that discourages most people who aspire to know the sea from getting to know it. Not to mention the actual temperature and ferocity of the water. So, Ocean Beach Bulletin and The Scuttlefish’s Mark Lukach has written up a guide to answer and lead you to the resources and and answers that will let you or anyone grow closer to the Ocean. May every city eventually have such a zine.

The Definite Guide to Oceanic Fun in San Francisco

P.S. If you’re in the San Francisco media and would like to publish the guide on your own site, by all means, please do. All we request is proper attribution and a link.

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