Salty ocean stories wanted

by brian lam

Scuttlefish is all about the ocean. How we relate to it, how we love it, how it almost kills us, how it provides for us, how we dream about it, how we wish we were in it while we are stuck in front of our computers. It’s not supposed to be heavy on some things over other things, surfing over, say, spearfishing. But it is because I don’t know that much about the ocean. What I’m trying to say is that if you love the ocean, and have a different perspective on it than I do–and everyone’s perspective is different–I’d love to run your stories. You don’t have to be a waterman, born in Hawaii or in Australia or California. You just have to have a good, different, story for me about your own personal relationship with the sea. Child or Grandparent, professional waterman or beach goer, your story and stoke, belong right here. Email me at

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