Crosby Beach

by Mark Lukach

Check this out.

In 1996, British artist Antony Gormley completed a major art installation called “Another Place.” It features 100 cast-iron statues of the human form (actually, his human form), each one around 6’2″ and weighing close to 1500 pounds. In 2006, the installation moved to Crosby Beach in England, just north of Liverpool, where it will stay forever.

Crosby Beach is extremely flat, and so the statues quite frequently submerge into the water as the tides rise and fall, and then reappear. They all face the ocean, resolutely watching.

Watching for what?

I love this idea. If I added up all the hours that I’ve spent standing on the beach, looking outwards, it would amass to days, maybe even weeks. The ocean pulls your vision and imagination towards the infinite horizon. We look outwards to find monsters and waves and tropical paradises. And Mr. Gormley’s art installation is here to stay to remind us to keep looking outward to the horizon. Isn’t that why we look outwards in the first place? To dream? To get a glimpse of the unknown?

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