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Month: August, 2010

Farting in a Wetsuit

What happens when you fart in a wetsuit?

No, this doesn’t happen. Nothing happens. But wouldn’t it be awesome if it did? [thescubablog]

Nice To Meet You.

I’m Mark and I’m now part of the Scuttlefish family. I have loved the ocean since I was in the womb. A few years ago I made this video in Maui with my family while we played around and got an eye-full of what was underneath of us. The afternoons we spent swimming together were some of the most ethereal and carefree moments of my life and I wanted to capture that in this video tribute to a feeling I will never forget.

Inside the Secret Underwater Fort

YouTube Preview ImageA Nevada family of scuba divers is prototyping an underwater fort, an anchored air pocket in a net, in a secret location in the Sierras. It’s made with vinyl, mounted under a net, mounted to an rustoleum coated anchored octagon of steel. And it’s been there for three years! I’m going to say that this is Lake Tahoe, but there are certainly many large lakes in the Sierras, so I could be very wrong. What I am not wrong about is how incredible this is. Interview with the family over at Boingboing. [Boingboing]

"The cruel seas, remember, took him in November"

For England, the ocean was their path to domination.

An unusual woman’s ring here from 1592, made of gold and rock crystal, is called a “memorial poesy ring”; on its inner surface is inscribed, “The cruel seas, remember, took him in November.”

This, from the New York Times piece about an exhibition at the Folger in Washington of old England’s relationship with the sea.

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Salty Stories: Drama in Chicana, Peru

Here’s a salty story by reader Duncan Fitzgerald, surfer, shaper, photographer and Australian native. His grandpa was a poet, and wrote neat poems about Manly beach. Send in your salty stories to .

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Scuttlefish Meet Up at the Surf For Life party tomorrow

If you live in San Francisco, I’d like to meet up with you at the Surf For Life fundraising party happening Saturday night. (That’s August 21st.) In a nutshell, Surf for life is all about getting people a chance to travel to coastal regions and letting them give back the communities there while having a bit of adventure. Support a good cause and come say hello. (I look like this.)

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This is what a $750,000 home fish tank looks like


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Lobsters could hold the secret to immortality

Huh. Tortoises, rockfish and lobsters are creatures that don’t age go through what’s called negligible senescence. That is, they don’t die unless you eat them, or whatever. [io9]