Disney's operatic whale

by brian lam

My friend Joshua from New York’s American Museum of Natural History–where I stared up into the belly of the blue whale as a child–sent me this clip of Disney’s operatic short animation about a singing whale.

My dad (who loves the opera and ocean equally) had talked about it since I was a kid. After years of looking we finally found a vhs on ebay and got to watch it together. Of course, now it’s just a few clicks away on youtube.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Keep in mind, even reading the Cousteau books on Dolphins from 1976, it is clear that scientists did not understand the sea song of cetaceans 3 decades ago, let alone 6, in 1945 when this short was released by Disney.

A wonderful thing to play for your sea loving tykes. Don’t mind the harpoon play, Willie the whale never gets shot.

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