The map from Treasure Island

by brian lam

This is the treasure map from Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Skeleton Island is scrawled in a sailor’s jagged handwriting.

I had this idea to post a real treasure map on Scuttlefish, next to this one. But I go and research for five minutes and the internet tells me that they never existed.

From wikipedia’s entry on treasure maps: “Although buried pirate treasure is a favorite literary theme, there are very few documented cases of pirates actually burying treasure, and no documented cases of a historical pirate treasure map.[2] One documented case of buried treasure involved Francis Drake who buried Spanish gold and silver after raiding the train at Nombre de Dios — after Drake went to find his ships, he returned six hours later and retrieved the loot and sailed for England. Drake did not create a map…

…Over the years many people have claimed to have discovered maps and other clues that led to pirate treasure, or claim that historical maps are actually treasure maps. These claims are not supported by scholars.”

Or so they want us to believe.

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