Disappearing at sea (level)

by brian lam

Andrew Friend’s “Fantastic” project is all about helping people experience powerful things. For that, he calls on nature. On land, a sculture that is a lighting rod with a handle, meant to be posted on a mountain top in a storm, for a human–theoretically–to grab onto. In the ocean, the extraordinary experience of solitude only the open ocean can provide.

The ocean disappearance piece is a floating pod that lets one sit in a cocoon below the surface, for isolation’s purpose. I think Andrew’s work is neat, but I don’t know if being below the surface increases the feeling of isolation one might have; he might as well have commissioned a life raft. But that wouldn’t be as beautiful, would it?

This device offers the individual opportunity for a safe, temporary disappearance, experiencing an isolation seldom found on land. The occupier of the device is absorbed into the chasm, disappearing from view beneath the water’s surface. The device examines the relationship between the known above, and the unknown/ imagined world below sea level.

And lighting:

[Andrew via Core77]

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